i had an amazing tryout with thundering herd over the weekend (henceforth referred to as mad cow). we did 6 hours on sat, mostly drills, some fitness, and then scrimmaging. our coach, fergus, likes to make us do the grr drill. and he likes to throw me bad passes--3 of which i had to layout for in the endzone drill--1 of which was the swing pass.

laying out in the uk is easy. the fields here are always soft and muddy. i've taken to wearing my predators, which has a much longer and flatter cleat, b/c my other cleasts just don't give me any traction. it's amazing the difference it makes. but it also means that i tend to kick myself repeatedly on the inner thigh. i have bruises running all the way up and down my right leg, along with two angry looking scratches (through the tights!). my left leg only has one bruise. hopefully, i'll eventually learn where my cleat ends and my leg begins.

sunday we split into 2 teams and played a game to 15. i actually got to play mid instead of handler. super fun. i love being mid. i had forgotten how much more rewarding it is :-D. and on monday, i had my one and only iceni tryout (i can't make their normal tryouts, which all happen in feb). it went ok...i got layout d'd once (i had already started to clear when the handler threw the disc--excuses, i know), but i also threw 3 away passes for goals. that's the other great thing about being a mid. my long flick is just long enough to land someone in the endzone.

i'm 100% positive that i've made mad cow, and i hear about iceni end of feb. fingers crossed!

and being the genius that i am, i lost my wallet at walmart yesterday. soooo...we'll see if i get my cards back in time for kenya, and if not, i'll figure something else out.