remember when my uhlsport shorts died? meryl sent me hers as a replacement! she's such a sweetie, but she forgets that her waist is much smaller than mine, and i'm no elvio. i'm gonna make my teddy bear wear them instead. his name is Lovely. i love you, meryl.

if anyone needs really small uhlsport shorts, pls let me know, and i shall send them on. we'll be the sisterhood of the traveling uhlsport shorts.


other things thai

  • we stayed in a cute backpackers hotel with guest-graffiti'd walls and bamboo hall walks.
  • the mosquitos stayed with us
  • an army base hosted the fields, pausing us daily for the flag raising.
  • an armed man on a pedestal kept constant watch over the wc.
  • gun drills punctuated sideline cheers and jeers.
  • we munched tropical fruit and porkribs (southern style, juicy).
  • the thai masseuse imprinted her fingers into my thigh--the fading bruise resembles a bite mark.
  • i drowned my good sense in tequila+vodka and smeared my dinner throughout the bushes of the land.


ruminations from bangkok

i can't seem to get it up for tournaments, especially as a handler on a coed team (especially in a hat tourney). i've taken to caffeinating to stoke up, but is it worth it? the stakes aren't high enough...it doesn't feel like my play makes much of a difference (someone will fuck up eventually)...there's not enough running on d (its more of an attention span exercise than an athletic one against most girls). these are my excuses. why can't i stay motivated? ultimate is ultimate after all...shouldn't i rise to the challenge? be the big fish in a small pond (enough cliche's yet?)...what to do.

what should my priorities be whilst playing asian ultimate? to spread the sport? to enhance understanding of rules? (and how nitpicky should i be?) to improve myself? if i'm called as a handler, am i allowed to go deep? am i allowed to make the fast break? am i allowed to try 30% throws in the hopes of making them better? should i stay disciplined? how slippery is the slope to bad ultimate?

aside: there's also a tendency for handlers to make all the cuts. since there's very little d and the strongest ppl tend to play handler, its very easy to make continuous up the line cuts. i guess there are situations in which this could be useful, but i think it makes the mid cut really really hard to time (off of whom should you cut?). it's very frustrating for the mid to have to cut and clear and cut and clear because the handlers keep squirreling. also, communication isn't good enough amongst handlers to where the cuts are freebies...as in, misfires still happen..,and then you've just turned it on a 5 yard pass. this behavior forms a cycle: handlers squirrel, mids stop cutting (because what's the use?), handlers complain that mids aren't cutting and squirrel more. sometimes, stagnation is not a mid's fault, it's a handler's.

d is even trickier. if i shut my girl down, it usually doesn't make any difference. they wouldn't have thrown to her anyways. so bait? poach? will i know how to stop baiting, poaching when i need to? will i remember how to cut against real defense?

my attitude makes a difference to the team, but i'm not a happy player; i'm a ball-of-hate player. i'm not good at coddling newbies unless they're serious about the sport. i need to learn to challenge myself. it's all been said before. i need to acquire a long forehand.

three things to work on:
1. acquire long forehand (still!)
2. cutting deep (i've actually got height/read on most girls here)
3. timing the first cut better (i've slipped a lot on starting my cut early enough, but i blame some of it on not knowing my handlers very well). i also tend to carry my cut a little too far. clear faster.

so basically, i need to be a better handler, a better deep, and a better mid. easy.


in the name of love

instead of going to the charity event with the chocolate fountain, we went to the racetrack for vday. hey, jockeys are a good cause too. apparently that's all i've got to say about that.

mum's here, and with her came my new wii and my new crocs. as her first act of business, she broke one of my fridge magnets, and today she called me at work to tell me that maybe she's reprogrammed my tv so my cable doesn't work anymore. yay mumsy! but now she's at home cooking me din-din, and tonight we're getting matching haircuts.


cow eyes

i just walked by a pair...sitting on a counter...watching me. the shock was what got me. one second i was alone, minding my own, and the next they were there...watching me. you could see bits of blood where the optic nerve connected, but otherwise they were pristine, white, a bit deflated. you could imagine putting them in your mouth, bursting them with your gums--fish roe sashimi. the word Pair has never so aptly applied to the word Eyes. truly, were they a pair, crossed, one short of an ellipse but following me nonetheless..watching. I've called them Hedgar and Mae. Be good, HM watches.


more sloppiness

today is shaping up to be a crappy crappy day. i've made a million mistakes at work, just barely avoiding losing money. maybe they should put up hazardous signs around my desk. i haven't felt this worthless since 003. the only thing i've eaten today is an apple and a slice of greentea cheesecake from the mandarin (which elaine got for her birthday). well, that and a fruit rollup.

which brings us to the bright spot: alicia and jon got me two boxes of fruit rollups from olivers and delivered them to my lobby! i was smack in the middle of finding out about/standing up to/trying to clear up The Blunder when they arrived so i couldn't go down to meet them, but they left the fruit rollups with our receptionist. Brian, a team member, later delivers them to my desk, whereupon the WHOLE FLOOR erupts in OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH. they might as well have started to chant, "lily has a boyfriend". i swear, these ppl are worse than grade schoolers. my face turned bright red, and no amount of explanation would persuade them that my bag contained fruit rollups instead of love testaments. i was halfway to crawling under my desk.


V for vanity and vexation

i don't understand the love affair with rain shower heads. not only do they make me feel like a drowning turkey, they're inescapable. i literally had to stand to one corner of the stall and wrap my arms around the stream to reach for my elmo shampoo. i love my elmo shampoo. poo on the stupid wupid showerhead for standing between us. happy vday yall.



he bent a girl over herself until she sucked air between her teeth. then he giggled at her behind his beard. such is guruprit, the yoga teach.



i keep putting off this post until i feel more inspired, but i'm going to bangkok this weekend so then i'll hafta write about that instead...

alright, here goes. i went dirtbiking and now believe that i can ride a motorcycle. i changed gears, didn't stall (overly), and only fell off once. i'm proud of that fall because it shows that i was pushing myself. it helps that i didn't get hurt. i think i got all the way up to fourth gear (didn't ever hit fifth...what time is it?). my tires definitely left the road after some of the hills, but i wouldn't call them jumps...i did, however, manage to jump the atv (i know because the landing jarred my knees). i'm going back the first chance i get in pursuit of that elusive fifth gear. the site also has "war games", which is distinct from paintball in that you shoot bb's at each other but no paint is involved. i think i'll stick to biking for now...anywho, that's another obstacle eliminated on my way to spydom. for those of you keeping count (aka me), remaining items include tango, russian, knife throwing, gun shooting, acquisition of more wigs, the ability to keep my mouth shut, guts.

alicia was relegated to the beginner's track for most of our 2 hour run because she almost hit an attendant...poor girl was frazzled because the last time she was on a moped, she ran it into a brick wall roughly 20 m away. her passenger was not pleased. neither was the owner of the moped (the wall, i imagine, stoically endured her assault).

ALSO. i am no longer going to regionals. sorry for misleading those of you whom i misled. i am going to jazzfest (as should you).

ALSO ALSO. my mommy is coming in two weeks and she's bringing me a wiiiiiiiiiiiii. she is not bringing extra controllers or extra games (if you want to buy me an early birthday present, i udnerstand). in anycase, WIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.