procrastinating from procrastinating

i know i know! i'm way behind on my posting, but i really really wanted to share some things that are easier to share first (i.e. spam):

re fashion and retail:

“We as a business cannot afford to have a customer take a second look and ask, ‘Do I need this?’ ” said Bud Konheim, the chief executive of Nicole Miller. “That is the kiss of death. We’re finished, because nobody really needs anything we make as a total industry.”

AHA! and AMEN! except the super nifty sporty things that make my blood flow more efficiently and keep me cool/warm/dry all at the same time. these things, i cannot live without.

re the best vocation ever: who DOESN'T want to be a gurgitory athlete?

re becoming inspector gadget: we're one step closer to controlling robot limbs with our thoughts. unfortunately, we need to have a chip implanted in our heads, with wires trailing out of it...and i wonder what happens if the wires get wet...do monkeys bathe? anyways. do do do do do inspector gadget, do do do do do...DO DO! DO DO!

to keep me honest (and b/c i love lists), upcoming posts:
  • yangshuo trip
  • jeju tourney
  • beijing trip
  • your mom
  • your face



from rsd:

Backdoor finals: MIT vs. Dartmouth. A rematch of the semi's yesterday that MIT narrowly won. The experience of the MIT program (sMITe alumnus Darlene Ferranti and Jin sorry-I-don't-know-your-last-name-and-actually-I'm-not-even-sure-if-you-went-to-MIT coach the team) helped re-center the players after a tough loss in the front-door finals -- to re-warm-up they played a game with a beach ball, which seemed to lighten the mood and loosen everyone up. They come out fired up; Dartmouth, although tired, is determined to join their male counterparts in Boulder. The first half is close. MIT has less trouble with the Dartmouth zone than other teams; they're not afraid to put it over the top of the cup, or put it deep when given the chance. Dartmouth isn't afraid to put it deep either, and there are a couple of exciting exchanges of huck-D-huck-turn-huck-score. In the second half, the backdoor path of Dartmouth begins to show. Their cutters start looking tired and timid again, and MIT is still running strong and making crisp cuts. Catherine Seaborn and Erika Swanson lead sMITe with precise breaks and hucks from the former, and all- around balls-out play on both sides of the disc from the latter. Princess Layout only manages to score 1 point in the second half, as MIT takes the second bid from the NE, 15-8.