nothing big, nothing new. but i miss school. i dreamt the other night that i was sitting in athena next to shuangy playing tetris. and then i saw kdob and gave her some rum. speaking of alcohol, FIVE of my friends are getting married this summer. well, one of them is my cousin in china (the rest = two from mit, one childhood chink friend, one high school friend). of the five, i only heartily approve of the two mit'ers (lori and kan).

tif (the high school friend) is settling. maybe. her boy is a fat, slovenly, crass drunkard. he's smart according to his lsats and his future (upenn law next year), but he has this awful need to prove himself. playing trivial pursuit with him was miserable. and i'm afraid his white trash past will make him a wife beater. whenever he gets provoked (as in ppl are teasing him good humoredly about, say, the mavs losing), he resorts to violence. he won't actually go so far as to hit someone, but he'll throw things and throw a tantrum. grow up willy boy. at the wedding shower, when he got a hammer as a gift, he called it a wife suppressor. in front of all her friends and family. um...classy. i didn't go so far as to threaten him (tif has enough burly southern men with shotguns behind her--according to their wives the guns are not for killing...only for shooting animals), but damn did i want to tell him i'd kick his ass. whatever. it's not really my place to disapprove. if he treats her well, that's that.

i finally saw eurotrip. made me think of yelena. very funny movie. i didn't think i'd like it so much. also saw da vinci code...it seemed they dumbed it down and left out a lot of the sacre femini stuff. what was up with the light up clues? it made me feel like i was in third grade watching arthur. and they turned sophie into a dumbass. in the book, she solves at least as many puzzles as the guy, but in the movie, more often than not, she's throwing her hands in the air, insisting she's not a guardian. ironic, in a movie centered around the female role in christianity.

did mcdonalds come out with a chicken biscuit in other parts of the country too? or is it only for the south. if it's only in the south, it's a pointless thing to do...they'll never beat chik-fil-a. NEVER! but if its for all 48 states, i'm so excited! saweet!


out of shape :-(

it's 1 mile from my house to the front of my subdivision. it takes me a good 19 min to run there and back. hmm...slow much? today it took me a full ten min on the outward bound, but i managed to salvage my 19 min constant by sprinting the last hill. luckily, guster came on my ipod (you know, the one with the bongos), and i chased keister all the way back home.

i tend to fail on the cardio, not on the legs. twice now, in the four times i've run it, i've had to sit down or lie down at the end cuz i feel like i'm having a heart attack. maybe its the humidity? but i never feel it till i stop. and except for the first day, when my quads hurt a little, my legs feel fine. like the muscles don't hurt much at all (the biggest pain happens to be the stabilization muscles in my feet, which is just me reaquainting myself with the piedmont). meh, boring post, sorry. i'm off to lunch with ravi and then tomorrow, he's gonna burn me on a five mile run (he's been running half marathons at 8 min pace)...that should pick me up.


the dentist

the lady who cleaned my teeth this morning scared the shit out of me. now don't get me wrong, this isn't the first time i've had to fudge my flossing history a little. i'm an old salt when it comes to de-guilting the guilt trips. the simple truth is this: i don't floss. not a little, not at all. it's just not who i am. but she just kept prodding: do you floss? no, not really. a little bit? no, not really? once a month? nope...not really...! and then she proceeded to lecture me for a good half hour about how my teeth were gonna fall out and how my mouth was gonna be the venice of mouths (root canals galore). i mean, really!

i think i believed her as opposed to all my previous "you need to floss" lecturers because she sprinkled her scare tactics with scientific facts. like how you need to be extra careful on the outsides corners of your upper teeth (near tooth number 1 and 16) because that's where your saliva glands are, and saliva makes plaque harden more quickly. i learned lots about bone structure and gum structure and why certain wisdom teeth need to be pulled while you're still young whereas others can wait. interesting, to be sure, but i think i would've preferred not to know.

will i change my teeth tactics? hmmm...who knows. they're always surprised by how good my teeth are despite the non-flossing. meaning there's no real danger, right? one thing's certain, if i do start flossing, it's because of my ongoing quest to become julia roberts (i can't wait to be caught flossing and accused of drug abuse. CAN'T WAIT!), not because of some cunning hygienist's propaganda. modern dentistry? pshaaww. they always make me feel like a horse anyways.

baby, one more time

dear blogger,

my apologies for the year of neglect. i made you promises, strung you along, but i spread my lovin' all over and when i got back, there's none left for you. but now, it's summertime, and the livin's easy (bradley's on the microphone with RAS-MG). i've kicked xanga to the wayside (boy its hard to break out of a cadence once you've established it). no more divided attentions. i'm all yours.