when i started medicine, i kind of decided that i wouldn't let what i learned affect my way of life too much. yes, there are all these dangers out there, and if you hold the world up to a microscope, it's a gross place. but i've survived up to now, i'm relatively robust, and once you start avoiding the gross, where do you stop? it's all a slippery slope to bree van de camp.

only...i've decided i'm not going to eat anymore bivalved mollusks. did you know that human sewage plants don't kill the enteric viruses in poo? these viruses get into the water supply, where all these mollusks just sit around filtering tons of water to get the yummy and the yucky out of it. in fact, mollusks act as filters for the especially harmful types of norovirus (those that bind ABO glycoproteins). plus, it's not like oysters are that tasty anyways. i mean, if pigs sat around in virus infected water all day, i'd probably still eat them, but oysters are so not worth the risk.