the day after thanksgiving sucks. i'm suffering a massive food hangover. and i've still got tonight's dinner with which to contend. maybe by then, i'll have learned some restraint (ha!). i'm faltering on this marathon eating trip. ho boy.

happy black friday everyone. go buy a wii.


my favorite day of the year is here! olive ordered a turkey (and a ham) and gravy and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and roasted pumpkin from the mandarin oriental (a very fancy hotel). bless her soul. its delicious and delicious. can we say, rapture? and elaine cut off all the skin bits b/c she never eats it, so i've saved it all from the discard pile. i love skin. let us bow our heads and eat. amen.

and don't let's forget dinner (tonight)! and dinner (tomorrow night)! may the serial tday meal tradition live on. prepare the moo moos, i'ma gonna eat me some boids!



someone called me professional today! as in, my behavior is professional. HA! and, she said i'm a good communicator. we were on a panel for a recruiting event together, and she sent an email to my boss afterwards. wow, never in a long time did i expect to grow into professional AND good communicator. yes, i am gloating, thanks very much; i've fooled them all.


chinalisation and randomization

seriously, the made-up word game has gone too far. a famous financial analyst here has a chinalisation report. first of all, that isn't a word. second of all, that ISN'T a word. third of all, if it were a word, it'd be spelled chinaliZation. fool.

i'm back from manila, and it was a blast. our paltry team of 8 picked up 4 more guys and 1 more girl. the girl, pong, played coed in college for colby (in maine), and she had spent last summer in boston (speaking of first world connections, i met jenny yang (?) who plays/played for emory and had nancy as her camp counselor at nutc! led to an instantaneous rave about the awesomeness of nancy. yay nancy!).

the tourney organizers knew how small our team was, so they seeded us in the b division. we played only local teams, one of which beat us, preventing us from playing up into elim rounds. its amazing how much the sport has grown in the phillippines. they have a year round 20 team league. the style of play is very distinctive. lots of squirrelly handler cuts, io's+high release backhands, every once in a while, jack it deep. all of their teams are super quick, and some of their guys have amazing ups. i'm particularly impressed with how much they use their girls. my goal this tourney was to practice poaching/baiting. i got punished for it twice with deep throws to the girls for scores. (i think one of them was a hammer). lesson learned, only let your girl go deep if there's a guy deeper than her. otherwise, i felt pretty good for my poaching. i definitely stopped a couple of throws to guys, even getting a d on a deep throw. baiting-wise, i got 2 run thru catches in 1 game, but in the other games, they wouldn't throw to their girls if i was anywhere near, even tho i was running flat footed and breathing heavily (pretending to be tired).

i also think i'm getting better at the leadership thing--ironic, given this is the first tourney in a while where i wasn't actually a captain. maybe i just don't like the responsibility. or maybe i just enjoy butting in.

anyways, the game we lost, we lost b/c we couldn't stop their deep threat, which astounded me b/c we have really good deep men. a couple were misreads, and maybe the ground is softer than our guys are used to, so they can't jump as high and end up jumping too early (oh yeah! the ground was amazingly soft and muddy--my favorite field conditions, so the turf shoes were unneeded after all). in retrospect, maybe we should've just had one of our guys backing their deep the entire game (like c-mo did to beau in 2004 finals). i dunno, as a girl, there's very little you can do when we lose like that. as a pseudo-captain...i dunno. maybe we should've used more of a zone, but their guy was beating us in 1 on 1 matchups all over the place. maybe the cup could've stopped the huck. ah well.

oh, and the first game, i was the rabbit for a 1-3-3, which was working well, until their main handler winds up for a huge backhand, and i manage to get my right hand in the way. i think the impact twisted something in my elbow (of course he called the foul, and i couldn't contest). i sat out for the rest of that game, and i could neither straighten all the way nor bend all the way without pain for the rest of the tourney. made my forehand very suspect. 1 game, i completely lost my io flick. foo. and sat night, i couldn't reach my face with my right hand, which means: left handed washing of hair, left handed brushing of teeth, left handed eating of food. you have no idea how much my face misses my right hand. my hamstring, on the other hand (har har), held up very well.

and now for something completely different. FOOD! last night, i ate three dinners: a sandwich and a bun at the manila airport, my in-flight meal (which tasted great), and a plate of spaghetti at the hk airport. we spent so much time eating that we caught the rest of our teammates at the airport express for the ride back into town (they had taken a later flight). AND. are you ready for this? thursday is thanksgiving! it totally snuck up on me this year. but i do have a tday dinner thursday, a tday dinner friday, and a recovery hike saturday. i'm pumped. this is gonna be a great week.

oh, and michelle wu from smite 2002 and smitten 2007 is in town! i'm "doing" dinner with her tonight (what is up with the doing of the meals? is dinner your mom? no? then we won't be doing it, will we? actually, michelle said "having dinner" or something equally innocuous, but i'm sick of the doing...everyone past a certain age/importance seems to want to do their meals). anyways, i'm excited for korean food tonight with wu-tang.



its officially been a year (and longer). this time last year, i was in perth, hoping my scabby knee would heal faster, scolding late-bidding men who invariably laid out into my lower back, gawking at flaming palm trees, carrying naked manoah on my shoulders (did i mention i participated in a cogender landshark?). man. good times, durians.

this weekend, i'm going to manila again. last year, it was my first real asian tournament (hk doesn't count b/c i missed the first day, and perth doesn't count b/c it was in australia). i played basically savage the entire tourney, and left with a severe limp and what felt like a broken foot (i never got it xrayed, so i still don't know for sure--the attempt to get it xrayed was a complete fiasco. i was so frustrated i punched a wall. here's how xrays in hk work: you pay the gp, the gp gives you a prescription for an xray, you walk to the xray facility, which is a couple of blocks away, you hand them the paper, they take the xrays, they send the xrays back to your doctor, who diagnoses you or whatever. here's what they did to me: they gave me the paper, sent me hobbling in heels to the facility (my foot was hurt, remember?), i get there, the lady looks at my paper, and tells me they don't take xrays of feet. what?! if i want feet xrays, they have a facility in causeway bay or mongkok or somewhere else equally far and not workday accessible. so. i ask for my money back. except they don't have my money, the gp has my money. so i had to hobble back to the gp to get my money back from the incompetant receptionists, who said, "whoops, oh right, i forgot they don't do feet." and to add to the frustration factor, i had lost my voice so all i could do was rasp angrily and of course, punch a wall). holy aside batman!

anyways, here i am, about to go back to manila. last weekend, i bought a pair of turfshoes in preparation for the baked clay fields. and in spite of the tournament name (manila spirits), i'm a tad worried. last year, a player on taiwan dove on top of a disc that had kicked up clouds of dust and called it up. in full view of his entire sideline, who became conveniently mute at the moment (they had been yelling calls from the line all game). they also played a cup that perpetually triple teamed. they knew they were doing it too. their coach encouraged it. blah. hopefully, this year it'll be better. we have a really fun group going.

otherwise, just lots of histrionics around the wfdf asian tournament. who's eligible, who's not, who has the right to rep hk, who's not local enough, etc. there's no drama like disc drama. there's no drama like disc drama. there's no drama like disc drama (now take me back to smite 2004!).


snacks and nunchucks

imagine my joy when i opened my desk drawer and found an unfinished box of wheat thins! yay! this never happens to me b/c i am a wheat thin addict. i have no reason nor have i restraint, so very rarely do i leave any wheat thins once i start. i do this with cheezels too (cheezels are my new favorite cheesy snack. they're a tad sweeter than cheetohs, and come in a crunchy O shape. somehow perfect).

whoops, there goes my last wheat thin. these pleasures are always short lived.

i am caught up in wii zelda, which makes me an antisocial and very controlling wii'er. when jon is playing, i am always looking over his shoulder yelling "ROLL DAMNIT ROLL!" or "NO, THE OTHER LEFT!" or very simply, "AAARRRRRGHHH!" one day, i will stamp my feet and pull my hair and fall thru the floor into oblivion like rumpelstiltskin. till then, little men.