welcome to czech

a few impressions:

the tap water is cold and delicious. cold enough to be numbing after a few seconds. where does it come from? far underground? even ice seems to be scarce, and soft drinks from restaurace refrigerators are often only tinged with cold.

the architecture is amazing, but the stonework is sooty. i spent lots of time looking up at cupolas. one building near the herd house even had an iron man hanging from the neck...i wonder who he was...

the astronomical clock is mechanical! i can't believe things can work without batteries.

pork and potatoes! i'm not a fan of dumplings if they don't have fillings, but i'm for any culture that uses pig for EVERYTHING! others of my teammates weren't so chuffed.

how did we do at worlds? iceni ranked 17th, after crawling out of a very tough powerpool. we lost to hot beaches, storm, and uno, but i believe we had a shot at both hot beaches and storm. our only other loss was to chukyo university, uno's feeder team, who went on to rank 10th. in the beer bracket, we had an underwhelming performance against little miss sunshine (except by kaleigh, who made sure we won 17-10), decimated jinx 17-5 (they had earlier beat leeds), beat wildcard 17-something, and then won a nailbiter against e6 (we were down 2 breaks coming out of half, game to 13...and managed to score the last 2 points in a row).

and now we're in vienna. watched the world cup last night, and i still think soccer is ridiculous. cheaters win too often.