carleton does well at centex?! stanford loses in the quarters?! UCSB wins?!!! what the heck is going on? yelena, elucidate pls? is it because of subbing errors again? is emory tanking this year? how is wisconsin so strong? i'm so out of the loop...

does anyone have ultimax results? i only saw the men's on upa...

absolut junk

the first water made me yelp curses wide-eyed. i always forget about the salt.

we sat in the sand and picked pork with our fingers. passing joints and chocolate milk, all feeling terribly magnanimous, terribly worldly. we broke an oar on the canoe for rowdiness, but we kicked and pulled our way to shore. the waves came and went. we rinsed our sand-crunched hands and our shivering limbs, scurried back to our laughing circle, braves baptised in salt.



it's been a while since i've written a real post. i'm not sure what i'd define as a real post...i guess one that's not obligatory...i guess none of these are really obligatory. anyways.

i think we're gonna wimp out of the track workout tonight. it's really too much hassle to travel 30min there and back on a friday night. i'm really a little too full of (free) greasy chinese food. we're gonna jog on a treadmill at the gym instead...and then play at the arcade or in a pool hall. i'm not really dressed to go to the pool hall...it's in the fashionable part of town.

apparently, by real post, i meant a rambly post. i'm ok with that.

someone in the bathroom pees in spurts. i can hear her.

we have a junk trip tomorrow, which i think is more about alcohol than anything else. i've never been known to forego a junk trip. boats make me feel faraway and adventurous: the dread pirate roberts. still too cold for a dip tho. maybe i'll bring some hkupa discs to sell to the crowd.

next week is a huge conference for work and then the rugby 7's. a big deal. every client is bringing their little dog and their auntie em. every one will be sloshed all week. some guy decided to hold a town hall meeting at 7 in the morning at a remote location with the exec board. i wonder how many ppl will show up and how many of them will still be rockin the party last night.

the best sin=gluttony (why is it even a sin, really?)

someone just shouted lunch for the entire floor! that costs USD $1000! i just saw $1000 worth of food! my life is now a bit more complete.

and guess what? i'm still stuffed...


head, elbows knees and toes (knees and toes)

i did a headstand in yoga today. all by myself (sorta), for maybe all of 15 seconds. guruprit spotted me for lots of it, but for the most part, i was swaying on my own (mommy wow! i'm a big girl now). that shit is tiring. i think i'm disproportionately afraid of falling backwards. once in dance class when i was young* i tried to do a handstand , succeeded for a bit before flopping backwards and knocking out the breath (floor=marble)...painful. i was 6 then, the memory was bad enough to stop me from ever doing handstands sans wall/spotter again. until now...dum dum dum!

i can also touch my head to the ground in a triangle pose and touch my head to a spot a bit past my knees when i sit and reach. both feats of which i'm Particularly Proud.

a women in the class yelps like a little dog whenever guruprit tries to position her. i love it. i don't actually think she's in that much pain, her poses don't look very intense...maybe her tolerance for life is just plain low. wouldn't that be awfully boring? to yelp whenever you pang. what else is there? warm tea and broccoli. yes, i've discerned all this from watching her in yoga class. call me cassandra. actually, call me condescending.

yesterday we had a team dinner at lian, a thai/viet restaurant in ifc. hurrah for three course meals! boo for mornings after three course meals. the appetizers were meh...i had some eggplant thing that appealed more on paper than in form. dinner was pretty good. ox cheek curry with french bread and small potatoes. the slightly slippery parts of the meat tasted best...until i thought about it coming from inside the ox's mouth...for some reason, i'm more ok with eating gristle from the inside of an ox's crotch than from the inside of its mouth. for dessert, i had banana pudding with honeycomb ice cream. and then i was stuffed...and then it was morning...and then i'm still stuffed. so here i am, stuffed.

care package!

i just got a big box of goodies from lori + a lovely handwritten letter from laura, and now my desk looks like it swallowed a fun house and puked. i am so lucky to have such friends. care bear stare!

included in my sweet sweet package:

lori's wedding disc (YES! btw, why is jj holding a stick?)
some floppy pink tentacled "flying disc"
a wig!
ketchup from IN N OUT! (i told my coworker that in n out has better ketchup than hk, which sent her into a couple minutes of sputtering, "but but see? it's still from heinz, it's still from heinz!"...i did a good job of holding my ground on in n out supremacy).
pom poms--this sent my coworker into a spiral of jealousy. she's always wanted to be a cheerleader (upon which we learned that we both liked sweet valley high as kids, and we both preferred elizabeth to jessica). presents are always better when someone else wants them too.
squeezy toys (my favorite of which is the gas barrel...it reminds me of the tmnt's).
and did i mention, a lovely letter from laura with pink flamingo stickers.

now lori, i will finally send you that postcard i wrote while hungover. thank you thank you. you always knew how to make me feel like a kid (with a fairy godmother--the good kind, not the shrek kind).


happy holidays

today is PI DAY. eat some pie, yall. happy PI dAY.
today is also WHITE DAY. in japan and korea, it's the day on which boys give girls chocolates to reciprocate the girls' valentines day's chocolates. if you are a boy, you should give me chocolate, even if i didn't give you chocolate on valentines day (a likely scenario).
tomorrow is the IDES OF MARCH. the day on which caesar died. there is no food associated with this day, but i'm told the romans were famous bulemics.
ST PATRICKS DAY falls on this weekend. i think we all know what we need to do and the extent to which we should do it when that time comes.

so, 2 holidays associated with eating and 2 holidays associated with spewing. this is a special week indeed.

yesterday was our first league game, during which i learned something very important: i no longer know the lyrics to ice ice baby (GASP!). a little piece of my high school self has died. let us bow our heads in mourning (yo vanilla, word to your mother).


not an addict

baby, that's a lie.

i've been (psuedo) addicted to ibuprofen and caffeine. lemme tell ya, they're nothing. i'm in the clutches of something much more powerful, much more insipid now. if you're my friend, pls, intervene.

i stayed up till 4 am last night playing wii with jon. we beat the stupid game at midnight and spent three more hours driving around in stupid circles. wii on a school night? not a good idea...today, i can barely focus my eyes. this stuff is in my veins.

i realize my blog is becoming about my wii...i can't help it. this is what my life is about right now. this is what addiction does to me...i will never again poo poo a mommy blog. i promise.


how funky is your chicken?

i'm really excited about something, but i'm not sure what.

it may be due to the kung pao chicken i just ate. but in fact, i've been super excited for a while now (read: 4 hours). at first i thought it was due to the fun, cold wed night disc we played last night. then i thought it was the need 4 speed i played this morning (thus making me 15 min late leaving my apartment for the second day in a row. not my fault. i was involved in the longest police chase ever, and i had inflicted too much public damage to let them catch me--it would've cost a fortune--at one point, there were 20 cruisers after me), or perhaps the brisk (if anything in a country without a fall can be brisk) jog i took to work.

can you taste the frazzled i'm emanating? i can. if anyone's ADD right now, i am. look inside my head. you'll see a striped hot air balloon floating in an electrical storm with power enough to drive google (it may help if you've taken some shrooms lately...or some:




priorities and judgments

i now have two controllers + two nunchucks + 4 games for my wii (dbz, need 4 speed, super monkeyballs, wii sports). in exchange, i have much less sleep.

my friend jon has a new flat with a new ps3. in exchange, i have much less sleep.

last friday, moms and i journeyed back to the motherland, good ole PRC. something about the mainland makes me happy. maybe its the public service announcements in mandarin then cantonese instead of cantonese then mandarin. maybe its the cheapness, the sketchiness, the look-out-or-you'll-lose-your-nose-ness...whatever it is, its home (or at least home in a way that hk is not).

despite the ceremony of 1997, hk is not china. how can i tell? there are no (one speed) bikes on its streets (ppl here only bike for sport). the cheapest meal still costs around 20hkd (as opposed to 8 rmb). taxis follow traffic regulations. i rest my case.

you know what's weird? i miss chinese food. like real chinese food...well, maybe northern chinese food. man oh man.

well, i thought maybe this post would go somewhere, but now i'm suddenly starving, so toodaloo, and i'm gonna go grab my subway from the fridge. yeah, told ya this isn't really china.