we had a pseudo-end of year bash for frisbee saturday night...if the year never ends, you still need to have an annual party, right? theme was night at the palace:
naturally, we went as the ninja turtles.
we even painted our own shells.
other notable costumes: king prawn (he made antennae and a huge head thingy) and a frog.
does this guy look like toadstool from mario bros to anyone else?


FDA changing definition of chocolate?!

Today's the last day to send the FDA a comment, but this site tells you how. Basically, Hersheys is petitioning the FDA to change the definition of chocolate so that it doesn't have to contain cocoa butter (the most expensive ingredient), using hydrogenated/trans fats instead. BOO! BOO, i say, BOO! do your part people, preserve the chocolate.


amber rainstorm warning

the time is now 10:46 am. the sky is purple/black, and i can barely see the docks two blocks away from my 21st floor window. an opaque black cloud obscures everything...very ominous and heady. it feels like any minute now, a swarm of something (hornets, bombers, men?) will burst out to smite us. the weather report calls for "squally rain". you're mom's squally rain. days like this make me feel important in a hobbity way. hang on mr frodo! also, villainous. come my minions rise for your master, make your evil shine (in the dark of the night in the dark of the night).

this confirms my nocturnalness. i feel so much more comfortable and happy in the dark, maybe just because i'm excited. MWAHAHAHAHAHA, BE PREPARED!



sometimes hk is a 3rd world country

in all of the civilized world, today is ben and jerry's free cone day, a day that ranks only slightly behind thanksgiving and the superbowl, a day that heathens like me hold sacred. because the density of b&j's stores here is not less than in the US (3 within a five min walk is nothing to wink at), i had hoped that i wouldn't have to forego this holy day. alas:

me: hello? ben and jerry's?
them: hello. ben and jerry's.
me: hi, i was wondering if you guys participated in free cone day.
them: yes, but the date hasn't been confirmed yet.
me: oh, but on the website it says its tomorrow.
them: well, that's for the US and canada.
me: when's it for hk?
them: no one knows...
me: when will they know?
them: no one knows...
me: but you guys do do it.
them: yes, but the date hasn't been confirmed yet.
me: well, how will i know when the date has been confirmed?
them: i don't know...

so, ben and jerry's is having a free cone day...someday. and when they have it, i will probably be sitting here, oblivious. the horror!

i know i'm spoiled and hedonistic--are you really that surprised?


whine and cheese

reading all the posts/emails about smite sectionals. it feels like it matters so much more than anything i've done in a year. i can't believe its been a year.

maybe smite is a cult. i can't imagine feeling much more deeply about a religion. maybe religion is only people loving the same thing very much.

everyone is in limbo. i hope everything turns out alright. but even if it doesn't turn out alright, it will. i think that's one of the biggest things i learned last year. we are bigger than results.

and then mr. vonnegut died last week, and i didn't even know about it. i'm so out of the loop here.


the world is a dangerous place

today i hurt myself in the shower with the shampoo dispenser. yes, i was that desperate to apply apply apply rinse reapply. long haul flights always make me feel icky, and yes, i'm bathing about 12 hours after my flight...but hey, no one likes rewashing hair within 12 hours of washing hair...which is my way of saying i didn't want to shower and then shower again after spinning class. right, so i was at the gym, in the stall with the extra tall shower head (not that i'm extra tall, but it's a special stall and it makes me feel special and greedy when i have it, my precious, all mine, screw you actually-tall ppl...its kinda like how ppl like to use handicap stalls even tho they're not handicapped, unless, i guess, if you're a hoverer in which case the extra tall toilet must be a nuisance--personally, i only hover in chinese restaurants (and equally sketch situations) b/c chinese ppl are known to hover and the seat is usually already pissed on anyways--and yes, i did compare tall ppl to handicapped ppl, take that! and no, of course i'm not bitter that i'm...not as tall as either of my parents, sigh).

ahem. so i was pushing the button for my normal 10 counts of shampoo (shush, the stuff is awfully weak, so don't talk to me about ecological footprints and such truck), applied, decided not enough suds, went for another 10 counts, but i got cocky, oh yes, hubris invites the fall yet again. but no, i didn't fall...it's a figurative fall. instead of using my left hand to push and my right to collect, i used my right to do both, and BAM! around count 9 (or 19 cumulative), my thumb slips hard and bangs (BANG) into the...something...i'm actually not sure exactly what happened, but it led to a world of pain and whimpering and now my thumb is bruised under the nail. it doesn't actually hurt unless i press on it, which means its pretty out of the way, except when i grip a frisbee...which you know, i like to do every once in a while. so f'ing a, league is gonna be painful tomorrow. boo. i hate pain. which is why i do dangerous things like this:



kohl's has a mannequin in a wheelchair. georgia makes me smile in small and surprising ways.

last night i had a cinnabon for dinner, washed it down with hot cocoa con real milk--lactaid. speaking of which, they built a trader joes 2.5 miles away from home. 4 real dumpsters. count em. next time i come home, i'm bringing one of those headlamps. dive in.

new fav show? hannah montana. that's right, i said it.


home on the range

ah the return to america. so far, i've eaten a lot, shopped a lot, and planted myself firmly in front of the tv. the joys of the homeland. i can't believe how much i've missed SVU, and all these random sitcom shows...when i look at tv guide, i feel like i've won the lottery (happy gilmore is on tuesday!).

speaking of which, i won the lottery! WOOHOO!! it happened just as i imagined...i needed change for the pay phone, so i bought a 1 dollar scratch lotto thingy...i needed to match one of the six numbers to the serial number. the serial number was seven...lucky lucky...at the first number, i was hopeful...5. the next one was 1, then 3, then 1 again...only two more...come on lucky 7! and then, on the last scratch...it wasn't 6, it wasn't 8...i won! i won! 7, you fearful beast, they told me you 89, but i didn't respect, yo. now, i believe! i was shitfaced grinning when i went to the register to claim my $3. baby steps. next time, i'm shooting for $5. after paying parking, i was still fi'ty cents in the blue. HOOHA!

i love this photo. thank you minwah, the disc seems to love your face. i think you should use it as your facebook photo. and some more of the kiddies that i just had to share...i love this team.

can someone give me some names to go with the new faces?

dor-dor loves her sauces. saucy wench.

phne-ne, not so much.

anyways, the spring in GA is really pretty. every tree in my neighborhood is in bloom. and its not that gag me blooming of botanical gardens...its dogwoods and oaks and light pink flowers. really relaxed.