for once i'm staring into an empty weekend when i actually want a full weekend. that, boys and girls, means i'm finally getting enough sleep.

i wrote that on friday, and now its monday, and i'm e-x-h-austed. i don't even know what happened, really. friday i had some hotpot and ended up in an arcade. some guy told me the corniest joke ever about stupid divorcee barbie (she costs more than other barbies b/c she comes with ken's car,house,dignity,etc--i added the part about the dignity myself, so if you think the joke's clever b/c of that, don't)...seriously, it was so corny that it wasn't even pathetic-funny. you know what's pathetic-funny? what kind of cheese isn't yours? NACHO CHEESE! anyways...

the rest of the weekend i spent in ikea. both days, all day (not really). i don't know why ikea can make me feel so happy sometimes. it's like someone saying to me, "hey look, here's your life, and you can make it better for only $9.99, and right now, your life may suck, like you may have a really ugly plaid sofa, but here are so many options, and its up to you...you wanna be adventurous? go for that green shelf nestled amongst the dark wood..." yeah, i'm a sad person.

so coming down off my ikea high...i'm really tired, but i NEED to be around people...did i mention i'm sad? right. HEY! AT LEAST I DON"T TELL LAME JOKES ABOUT BARBIES!

everyone else got their bonus announcement today, but i won't get mine till i've worked for a full year (next july)...in compensation, my bossman bought me dessert! i love my team...even if they make fun of me because cancers are supposedly prone to obesity.

oh, and the point of this post...we've come together to say our goodbyes (here it lies) no one knew its worth, the late great daughter of...mother earth. (you guys are gonna accuse me of being nonsensical again, aren't you?). my uhlsport shorts have a huge rip down the crotch...and i think i'm too lazy to sew them back up...maybe when my mommy comes i'll make her do it (hehehe)...but i've bought replacement adidas black shorts (they're basketball). imagine my JOY when i found out they're REVERSIBLE and the opposite side is white! (i'm in the middle of a crazy white shorts fetish...especially white shorts that aren't see thru).


royal pains in the...fingers?

when i jog on a treadmill, i bang my hands against the bar as if i'm poundin' out a brotha ("that's right put it there" type thing, cuz i'm so street, holla). as a result, a thin layer of skin on both pinkies have held a caucus and decided to pursue more worthy occupations as flaps of dead cells. this is the classic case of slowly boiling a frog (aka me). if you're patient and persistent, you can peel yourself like a grape and not feel a thing...that is, until you try to take a shower (and no, i'm not in the habit of peeling my grapes...i make my servants do it). and now, not because i want to, but because some of us can't help but be royal (i hear its a bit of a blood disease), We carry out all deeds with pinky cocked. in keeping with Our newly acquired character, We've grown a longer nose, bought some pince-nezs* (holla), and slept with various distant cousins/horses. julie andrews is Our grandmother.

AND what's up with all the common folk taking their morning constitutionals? could they walk any slower? We will bring up the issue with Our albino.

*pince-nez is totally my new rapper name. pince sounds a lot like prince and nez has a cool Z in it (you know, like h-izz-ouse or izzle). word and bark, oh, i meant WOOF WOOF.


ho hum

i bought two new nalgenes: a red one and a pink one with a snowflake. i waffled between the pink w/snowflake and an orange w/bat signal, but i think i made the right decision. they were only $46 hkd each.

i'm sad that the mystery hunt site is down. i was hoping i could waste time at work doing the puzzles. i did some more clash of the titans' cities last night just for fun. saturday night, i fell asleep with my laptop on my chest (but only because atong went to take a shower and didn't talk to me for a while).

yesterday witnessed the return of sunday disc. i am super not in ultimate shape, which is surprising considering it was only 2 weeks off, during which i played a tournament and did a 14k hike. i made some aweful decisions and threw at least two blades (not really on purpose...they were supposed to be outside-in forehands). i've decided that even if i'm slow and wheezy, i'll still try to play anatomically correct ultimate. that is, i still will sprint down on the pull, and i'll still run after discs until they hit the ground even tho i know i'll never catch them.

to spice this post up, here are some pictures from the saikung hike on boxing day:


my eventful life

i went to a carnival friday and won a minnie mouse (medium sized)! i'm very proud because it was actually one of the skill games and not one of the dumb luck games--darts incidentally (eat it, elvo, whose ass i kick in darts whenever we two meet...in fact, i once shamed him into going home and practicing by himself. that's right, i rock). we only went for 4 hrs because alicia and i had to work, but it was totally worth it. tickets only cost like $20 USD, which included 40 tokens, which we later learned are worth $25 USD if you try to buy them from the booths inside the fair. the rides didn't have very long lines at all, so we got to go on most of them. it was weird not having much of a voice though because i couldn't scream so i compensated by yelling and cursing.

afterwards, we went to a 24 hr mcD and had shake-shake fries. i don't know if they have them in the states, but basically, you get your fries and a bag and a packet of powdered seasoning (seaweed/garlic mayo/jap curry/honey bbq) and then you dump everything into the bag and shake-shake. as the ad says, the more you shake, the better it tastes (they fail to mention that the bag also tends to get rather oily). anyways, minwah and i shared a bag of fries, which was totally not enough, so when the table behind us left, we reached back and ate the rest of their shake-shake fries too.

saturday, i was supposed to meet alicia and jon at the park to throw (minwah was at some wedding), but instead we talked a lot about ulty and accidentally ate at a brazilian bbq buffet. i really enjoyed this one meat that was super tender until i found out it was tongue (if you looked closely you could see the tastebuds--hk is helping me learn lots about myself, for instance, food boundaries are becoming much more clear...and yes, there ARE things even i won't eat).

and then i went to the library and then gui's for mahjong, but when the party shifted to nikki's (they were gonna make pizza), i went home to read my books and rest before the "half-marathon" the next day.

the "half-marathon" the next day: it was only 14 km, but i think that's sorta ok because it's more of a hike than a run anyways (it's up a mountain) and most ppl walk most of it. i finished in 2:47, but only because i lost TONS of time on the way down. the people with whom i paced up the mountain finished in like 2:15. i'm not sure i like these mountain marathons. you don't get to enjoy the hike at all. i have no idea what the view looked like because i was so busy looking at my footing the whole time. and my knees felt like crap for a day or so afterwards. i guess it was a pretty good workout...we'll see if i do the next one. i'll definitely be wearing knee braces if i do though. and then we played some beach ulty. yeah, i told you, my life is pretty sweet.

and this week is shaping up pretty well too. tomorrow i'm going bowling with alicia and jon at the causeway bay sports club (alicia is posh enough to be a member, so she can bring two guests). saturday, kate is hosting her mahjong and chili night. YEAH!


a long long time ago, i can still remember

the food
the company
:::manila tournament:::
the team in a jeepney
bad santa!
:::macau offsite:::
the team in macau
the corporate ladder and i
a big blurry facade


new years in new countries

they've revoked the free drinks at work! the upper half of the fridge is empty, and what's left of the cokes and sprites, they've locked behind a plastic door. i've been toying with the idea of taking off the hinges (they look really dinky), but it'd be just like me to get fired for trying to steal diet sprites.

i left my voice in vietnam. i was captain of my hat team, and i was feeling a bit under the weather going into the venture...what they didn't tell me was that i had a co-captain, david jenson, who's the granddaddy of vietnam ultimate. needless to say, any attempt i made at organizing saturday morning was duly ignored and dismissed with the phrase, "you'll see when david gets here." for example, me: "so, are you guys more used to playing a vert or ho stack." them: "you'll see when david gets here." and so on. a couple of times, they even said, "you'll see when our captain gets here." which, was kinda, just kinda, a disheartening way to start a tournament given i was already feeling pretty crappy. anyways, the tournament only went up from there. i actually don't remember much from it...we were the team of the short connections, and we lost to the team of the huck and play d's.

personally, i was 0 fer 2 on hammers...i didn't bring my arm around far enough...the second one, i actually hit my mark in the chin with my bicep. my team never learned to stop crowding the disc. i think this was more an exercise in leadership than an exercise in ultimate for me. i felt like i was thrown into a whirlwind, and i won't really know what i learned until the debris settles. i did manage to affect one guy's play...the second day, his D was impeccable. the first day, we couldn't even get him to play in cleats. i don't know why some people respond to me and some people don't. like last year, i could totally fire henri up, but i think i just scared jenny. is it how i respond to the person?

anyways, the fields were gorgeous, the tropical fruit was genius, everything was dirt cheap. all in all, vietnam rocked my face. i could totally live there one day (for like three months or so). it was aptly dubbed the land of the mopeds. and there's people on every corner selling street food. i love street food. there's even a guy peddling around dried squid. like literally, the squid was strung out on a rack on the back of his bike. hoohaa! it's also kinda humbling being in a country that kicked your country's ass in a war.

oh, and i've literally lost my voice. i hold up signs that say "yes please" or "no thanks". people react funny when you can't speak. most of them start whispering back at you.